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About the leading Interim Service Provider Rankings

The IIM’s “Leading Interim Service Providers” are listed in four tiers from Platinum, through Gold, Silver and Bronze (16 firms in each tier). Over time, we have reduced the number of firms from 100, to 80 and now to 64 to keep the quality in the rankings high. Particularly with regulatory changes in mind, the IIM does not believe that providing interm service provision is a game that recruitment firms should embark upon without knowing what they are doing.

These placings are voted for each year by around 2,000 interim managers and executives, who each cast votes for several interim service providers in the IIM’s annual Interim Management Survey.

Whilst the lion’s share of the ranking comes from this year’s vote, to reward an ongoing track record of excellence, we allocate some marks (in decreasing amounts 50% – 25% – 15% – 10%) from past years’ surveys so that rankings are not simply based on one year’s activity but upon a trend.

Consequently, our rankings are ultimately built upon over 25,000 individual votes cast over a four-year timeframe.

Once the votes are cast there is an automated sliding scale adjustment applied to ISPs where the number of respondents is low, which if left unchecked, could otherwise unfairly bias the final result towards these low volume ISPs.

There is no further intervention, other than where due diligence checks for “gaming” are carried out and appropriate manual adjustments made. Although necessary to maintain the integrity of the result, these are minimal and are carefully managed.

Rankings are derived by an algorithm measuring both the quality of votes (great, good, ok, poor &  dismal) and an additional factor based on interims being able to pick up to 3 ‘very best’ providers and ‘3’ most disappointing, which may further swing the final ranking +/- 10-15%.

If you have any technical questions about the survey, please contact us directly.