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IIM members can be found in most continents.
The Institute is pleased to collaborate with and associate with leading Institutes, Associations, Societies and professional bodies operating in
Interim management internationally.

We encourage our members and UK-based Interim Managers to reach out to local Interim groups around the world as we share a bond with those carrying out the fascinating work we do. The IIM particularly welcomes international Interim management visitors to the UK at our UK events. 

If we have a reciprocal arrangement with your Association, then please contact [email protected] for preferential rates to access our events.

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INIMA – The IIM is proud to be a founding member of INIMA, a cross-border organisation established by nine (9) of the leading national Interim management professional bodies from across Europe. Having served their thousands of members for many years, these leading national associations have come together in 2020 under the collaborative banner of INIMA to share experiences, best practices and competencies. The International Network of Interim Manager Associations becomes an authoritative voice to be heard for important issues of international Interim Management and comment on significant market trends. ”

AIEA Australasia

Australia – Australasian Interim Executive Association. Founded in 2013, the association is the peak professional organisation for Interim Executives who are recognised for their practical, hands-on skills and a broad understanding of the total business environment. AIEA members receive networking and training opportunities and help with finding paid work.


Austria – DOIM The “Dachorganisation Österreichisches Interim Management – DÖIM” (English: Association of Austrian Interim Management – AAIM) is a national platform by and for professionals in the field of Interim management in Austria.

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Balkans – ATMC has a unique mission: to gather, consult, exchange information and experience to improve the work of Interim managers in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.


Czech Republic – CAIM is the leading organization for interim managers in the Czech Republic. Established in 2010, its mission is to raise awareness and know-how of interim management and create a strong platform for the growth of high-quality managers.

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France – AECMT is the first network of certified Interim Managers in France recognized by the Federation of Interim Management Actors, France Transition.

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Germany – DDIM The “Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V.”  is Germany’s leading national platform for professional Interim management and for the associated agency services. The IIM welcomes their members as our guests when they are working in the UK. Similarly, if you find yourself on assignment in Germany, the DDIM may be a useful organisation for you to contact for social and commercial connections.

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Italy – Leading Network is a professional trade association of Temporary Managers. It aims to define, disseminate and enhance the profession of the Temporary Manager, first of all for the benefit of the category but also, as a direct consequence, for the benefit of companies that use this solution.

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Liechtenstein – VRIM Verband Rheintaler Interim Manager is a professional association of independent Interim Managers along the Alpine Rhine and adjacent areas, with members from Liechtenstein, Eastern Switzerland, Vorarlberg and Southern Germany.

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Poland – SIM Stowarzyszenie Interim Managers We – as IIM – have a formal reciprocal agreement with SIM, whose goal is to build, promote and propagate the idea of Interim Management in Poland.

AIM Portugal

Portugal – AIM – Associação de Interim Management de Portugal Founded in 2021 with the mission to develop, enhance and promote Interim management in Portugal and contribute to its International presence by cooperating with international partners.  AIM’s vision is to contribute to the creation of an Interim Management Ecosystem in Portugal, capitalizing on the accumulated value of the experience that Interim Managers hold, putting it to service for the competitiveness of the Portuguese business sectors, as well as the development of the national economy and society in general. Their values are integrity, commitment, knowledge, professionalism, competence, agility, innovation, and team spirit.

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Spain – Interim España – the Interim management association in Spain. The mission of Interim Spain, is to spread the concept of Interim management as a strategic management tool among society, business and institutions as well as to represent and support their partners.

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Switzerland – DSIM Dachverband Schweizer Interim Manager This umbrella organisation represents the interests of Swiss Interim Managers and works to promote the professional and economic interests of Interim management in Switzerland.

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United States – Association of Interim Execs is an association for US interim C-Level executives and a resource for Interims and companies seeking instant improvement.

Help us to include the correct information and contact details of recommended Interim groups and organisations worldwide by contacting [email protected]