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Founded in 2001, the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) is the UK’s only independent body exclusively for Interim professionals. Members operate in business on their own account as Interim Managers and executives, serving clients at board or near-board level

All Members and Associates share the highest ethical standards and are passionate about improving the quality of the industry through the reputation associated with the work delivered

The Board (formed of volunteers from the Interim community) is committed to supporting and promoting Interim Managers working in the UK and internationally, both directly or through leading Affiliate and Partner organisations.

We have two levels of membership - Associate and Member - which is accredited by validating an applicant’s approach and track record, and issuing Associate (AIIM) or Member (MIIM) designations accordingly

What’s the difference between Associate (AIIM) and Member (MIIM)?

New to the profession, with two or fewer significant clearly recognisable interim assignments? This would likely grant you Associate (AIIM) membership level. As your experience expands, you can resubmit your details for the assessment panel to consider elevating you to full Member (MIIM) level.

For more experienced interims, with multiple significant and clearly recognisable interim assignments completed, you would likely be granted full Member (MIIM) level.


Practical support for you

The IIM can help you source assignments with Interim Service Providers.

Click here for the definitive list of Leading Providers https://iim.org.uk/providers/

Sourcing Assignments

Promoting The Profession

Promoting the Profession

As the “voice of the industry” the Institute promotes the benefits of Interim management to business on behalf of all Interim Managers and Executives. This involves working with businesses, Interim Service Providers and other organisations to help towards a better understanding of what an Interim Executive does, how that differs from hiring a permanent executive and what the benefits of using an Interim are. That way more opportunities are created for you.

Showcase your profile

Showcase your Profile

By hosting your profile and contact details on the platform you can be found and contacted directly via the member directory search.
You can showcase your expertise to Clients and Interim Service Providers who are able to search by skill-set, sector, industry, name, or location. Your profile will show your picture, links to LinkedIn, Twitter, your website and your availability. Clients and Providers may immediately access your CV, case studies and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) record as applicable.
Plus: they have the comfort and assurance that you are an accredited Member of the Institute.

Member Profile Videos

Member Profile Videos

A short profile video can be hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel and also a link held within your public profile on iim.org.uk.


WhatsApp and LinkedIn Groups

Giving Members the invaluable opportunity to connect and interact directly with each other as well as members of the Board.
New assignments are frequently shared by Members on the WhatsApp group. The wider, public, LinkedIn group is also a great source of discussion and assignment opportunities.


Keep up to date with legislation, trends in the markets, tools to help source assignments and better ways to develop your personal brand improving your odds of winning your next assignment.


Events, Seminars and Webinars

IIM members benefit from free, low-cost or preferential access to all events and webinars.

Training Workshops

Training and Workshops

Events, newsletter, coaching/mentoring, webinars, courses. All of these are proposed and curated as a consequence of feedback from the Interim community relating to topics of interest, market and sector demands and the general economic environment.

Proof of accreditation, proven expertise and seniority

Once accredited, Interim Managers and Accredited Associates may use the Institute’s well-known branding and the proof of accreditation ‘MIIM’, ‘AIIM‘, alongside any other professional qualifications.

A range of logos including with MIIM/AIIM branding, can be downloaded and used on business cards, website etc.

Post Nominals and Logos

Using Letters and Logos after your name

As a Member of the IIM, you have the right use the letters MIIM (Member of the Institute of Interim Management) after your name and to download member logos for your use on your business cards, website etc. as actual proof of your accreditation.

Member Protection & Exclusive Discounts

Since July 2015 Members have been covered free by Tax Investigation insurance cover in case HMRC issue an investigation notice.

Business Insurances

Business Insurances

Receive a discount on your Professional Indemnity and other Insurances as a member.

Business Finances

Capital on Tax Credit Card and FinFe finance.



Information zone and status determination too.

Business Finances

Obtain advice by phone from Abbey Tax Protection, included only in IIM paid membership.

Tax Defence Insurance

Tax Defence insurance

Professional costs associated with a formal investigation by the revenue authorities are covered within your Membership fee (see terms for details). An IIM direct client contract template serves as “IR35 friendly” template for direct Interim-Client contracts.


Have your voice heard

The IIM lobbies on behalf of all accredited members and professional career Interim Executives to each relevant government department.  
This includes responding to government consultations, communicating with Members of Parliament and working in tandem with other professional bodies where appropriate.

What Our Interim Managers Have to Say

Primary Logo

About The IIM

The Institute is the only recognised body for professional Interim executives in the UK. We represent the profession and our members with Governmental agencies, Tax authorities and other professional bodies in the UK and across Europe.


Established in 2011 the IIM gathers vital information and feedback through the flagship annual survey and over many years has developed a deep professional relationship with the industry’s ISPs (Interim Service Providers).

Become a Member of the IIM

There are two levels of Membership of the Institute based on your level of experience in the profession.

New to the profession, with two or fewer significant, clearly recognisable, interim assignments, would likely grant you Associate (AIIM) level.

 For more experienced interims, with multiple significant and clearly recognisable interim assignments completed, you would likely be granted full Member (MIIM) level.


 Note: as part of the application process, you must be able to provide  a) evidence of being in business on your own account;  b) contact details for 2 business referees (either recent interim assignment clients for experienced interims or businesses for whom you have worked for new interims; they cannot be ISPs/Agencies or personal referees) and c) a copy of your current CV.  Please ensure you have these available before starting to prevent unnecessary delay.


As an Associate’s (AIIM) experience expands, you can request to be considered for the full Member (MIIM) level, by submitting an updated CV with at least three clear interim assignments and 2 referees from those interim assignments.


Membership Cost



Per Year Subscription

£ 40 One Time
Assessment Fee

Group 347

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you join The IIM you are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel you haven’t received value and decide to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund of your subscription. We’re confident you’ll find the IIM a valuable resource in helping you achieve your goals as an Interim professional. No ifs or buts – if you’re not completely satisfied within your first 30 days then we’ll refund you without any fuss.

(Please note the Assessment Fee is non-refundable)

Group 357


Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

Joining today gives you the quickest access to:

  • Leading thinking and information about the profession
  • The best networks to other Interim Managers and Interim Service Providers which increases your ability to find work
  • Like minded individuals to share best practice and work opportunities with.

‘There is no time like the present’

You can choose to cancel your membership at anytime and for any reason. In the past, this has tended to happen because the member has decided to return to full-time employment or retire. In the case of retirement, the Institute would be very interested in keeping in touch and we would hope the member would feel similarly. The IIM has established a membership category (RIIM), at a lower annual fee, to meet this need.

Interim Managers are as varied as any profession in terms of their personality and outlook. Although we tend to gain assignments where we work with or lead larger teams the Interim Manager normally operates alone or in small groups.

The Institute allows Interims to network with other similar professionals, share and gain up-to-date knowledge and access a network which makes finding your next assignment easier.

It’s for all Interims!

The Institute of Interim Management offers a ’30 day No Questions asked Money-Back Guarantee’. We feel confident that you will enjoy the benefits of IIM membership however, should you fell the IIM is not for you or you have made a mistake, the guarantee means your fees will be refunded to the cards and accounts you used to pay in the joining process.

Once you have undertaken a couple of assignments and have a year or so of experience, Associates are encouraged to apply for re-assessment. The process is similar to joining initially, requiring your updated CV (probably on your own platform profile by now) plus 2 referees who can attest to your interim assignment based performance. In this instance, the accreditation committee is only interested in your assignment performance. The process is expected to take no longer than the original application and is likely to depend upon how quickly your referees respond to us. There is no administration charge for this process as you are already part of the Institute.


BUT we do offer a ‘30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee’.

This means you join the Institute, paying your joining fee and annual membership fee, in the normal way. We feel confident that you will enjoy the benefits of IIM membership however, at anytime in your first 30 days of membership you can change your mind and your fees will be returned with no questions asked.

IIM has accredited members. We screen all our applications and follow-up on all references during the application process. This is important for your clients, that can feel confident they are engaging a seasoned professional who abides by a professional code of conduct. Being a member of the IIM and using the logo is a sign of the quality of service your clients can expect.

The IIM accredits all its members, and this can take a bit of time, so the real answer is as long as it takes to review your details AND contact your referees. However, in most cases this takes 2-3 weeks.

Very frequently, the longest time delay is the rate at which the referees respond back to us.

It is very rare that a membership will be rejected, though it can happen for reasons like criminal activity, fraud or dishonesty – things that would bring the Institute into disrepute. Should this be the case, your membership fees will be returned to the to the cards and accounts used to pay in the joining process. The administration fee is the cost of running the process and cannot be returned.

The level of membership is based on the time your have spent as an Interim, the number of successful assignments and, of course, your references. In the round, the accreditation committee will grant full or associate membership. The IIM fully expects that our associate members will be elevated to full membership over time.